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thank you versy much well the topic i am choosing is to dp with cities and skyscrapers.
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Oookay. Could you tell me something more specific about it? Because the topic is huge and I don’t even know what exactly you need to know..

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Hi I am a student and I am doing the same topic as you have done, it would be nice if we could talk about it so I could get some ideas and a bit of help if its possible please thank you :)
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Ah, sure! Feel free to ask me questions or to set a specific topic. :)

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I have submitted my dissertation! I’m so happy that people actually answered my questions about skyscrapers. You’ve been a great help and I appreciate it a lot!

Thank you!

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About Skyscrapers

Hello. I’m an Interior Design student in my final year at university and for my Dissertation I’ve chosen to examine the topic of Skyscrapers, their evolution through time, their function now and the possibilities they present for the future. 

Although books, articles and the internet provide great deal of information for me to use, they lack when it comes to people’s opinion. So I’d greatly appreciate it if you could take a few minutes of your time and answer the questions below. Answer can vary form yes/no to detailed explanation. Whatever you choose.

Thank you for your time! (I suppose the best way to answer is to reblog the post? But you could send me your answers via fanmail or submission if you’d like.)


1. What is your definition of a ‘skyscraper’?

2. Do you think skyscrapers are the long term solution to urban problems? Why yes/not?

3. After 09/11/2001 many believed that skyscrapers are not safe. With new building regulation, materials and engineering solutions, do you think the are still unsafe?

4. Would you like to live in a skyscraper? Do you think it could provide better living conditions that the old houses and/or shady neighbourhoods?

5. What is your opinion of the so called ‘skyscraper cities’ or ‘vertical cities’? Examplehere.

6. What is your opinion of skyscrapers being built in old cities like London, Paris, etc. Or sacred locations such as Mecca? Do you think they can somehow be incorporated within the existing areas or not?

7. Anything else to share?


I know giving personal details over the internet is not something many like to do, but I’d appreciate if you could at least vaguely provide answers to the questions below. Or at least the first 4-5 ones. Thank you again!

  • Age range: 10-15 / 16-20 / 21-25 / etc…
  • Gender:
  • Country of origin and country of residence:
  • Ever lived or living in a big city?:
  • Race, ethnics, religion:
  • Family status: 
  • Social status:
  • Education: